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TrueMURA™ Display Mura Analysis License for TrueTest™ Software
Model Number: TrueMURA

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant Vision Systems TrueMURA™ Software is the first commercial system available to provide advanced image analysis algorithms for computing JND (“Just Noticeable Differences”). This augments the defect analysis functions already available in TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection software with over 15 additional display mura tests. The JND detection algorithm incorporated in TrueMURA is based on U.S. patent 7,783,130, “Standard Spatial Observer” technology, licensed by Radiant Vision Systems from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Automation of human judgment of display defects or blemishes (referred to as “mura”) is difficult because human visual recognition of uniformity variations and other defects is dependent on many factors including brightness, color, and spatial relationships. To accurately discriminate JND—artifacts just noticeable by a human observer—TrueMURA is based on a model of human perception which allows a grading of FPD mura in a way designed to match human observers, ignoring mura that cannot be seen by humans and ranking different mura which are distinguished by humans into categories matching those assigned by human observers.

Applications of TrueMURA:

  • FPD characterization
  • FPD technology evaluation
  • FPD production quality control
  • General defect detection

Benefits of TrueMURA:

  • Correlates to human visual perception
  • Reduces cost and variability in display image quality assessment
  • Objective, numerical evaluation of display mura

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