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PM-HL™ Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric­® Software

By: Radiant Vision Systems

ProMetric® software is a Windows®-based software suite that provides equipment control, data acquisition and image analysis when used with ProMetric Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters. Together, this combination provides rapid and accurate measurement of luminance and color for a broad range of light sources, flat panel displays, keypads / keyboards and optical materials. PM-HL, the headlamp evaluation module for ProMetric software, enables accurate evaluation of headlamp beam patterns. It also permits conversion of headlamp beam patterns into roadway illumination distributions.

A typical PM-HL system consists of:

  • IC-PMI Imaging Colorimeter or IP-PMY Imaging Photometer
  • PM-AC4001 Metal Halide illumination Calibration Lamp
  • PM-HL software
Benefits of PM-HL:
  • Quickly and economically qualify the illuminance, chromaticity and color temperature of lighting products versus lighting regulations or alternative lamps
  • Enjoy lower capital investment and reduced measurement expense than with goniometric methods
  • Eliminate the need for a 25 meter dark room
  • Provide finely-resolved, quantitative and graphical analysis

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