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PM-HL™ Headlamp Evaluation Module for ProMetric­® Software
Model Number: PM-HL

By: Radiant Vision Systems

ProMetric® Software provides equipment control, data acquisition and image analysis when used with ProMetric Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters. Together, this combination provides rapid and accurate measurement of luminance and color for a broad range of light sources, flat panel displays, keypads / keyboards and optical materials.

PM-HL, the headlamp evaluation module for ProMetric Software, enables accurate evaluation of headlamp beam patterns. It also permits conversion of headlamp beam patterns into roadway illumination distributions.

A typical PM-HL system consists of:

  • ProMetric Imaging Colorimeter or Imaging Photometer
  • PM-AC4001 Metal Halide illumination Calibration Lamp
  • PM-HL Software

Benefits of PM-HL:

  • Quickly and economically qualify the illuminance, luminous intensity, luminous flux, chromaticity, and color temperature of lamps and lighting assemblies according to lighting regulations or internal requirements
  • Convert between illuminance distribution, luminous intensity distribution, and roadway illumination distribution patterns
  • Apply a representation of a road overlaid on the measurement bitmap
  • Automatically determine the “beam elbow” datum position and alignment of camera image to that position
  • Evaluate ECE Reg 20 test points for left- or right-hand drive
  • Simplified pass/fail testing
  • Headlamp Analysis Report to document results of evaluations
  • Data analysis functions, including bitmaps, isoplots, and cross-sections

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