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USB3.0 SWIR OEM Linescan Camera for Machine Vision & Spectroscopy

By: Princeton Infrared Technologies, Inc.

The advanced SWIR-InGaAs 1024-element linear array can image over 37k lines per second and comes in two models: the LineCam12-12.5-1.7T-OEM with 250 µm tall pixels for spectroscopy, and the LineCam12-12.5-1.7M-OEM with 12.5 µm square pixels for machine vision tasks. The OEM versions can be configured with customized settings to meet customer needs, including high temperature operation at 70 °C or very cold operating temperatures of -40 °C.

Advantages to the new SWIR OEM linescan camera include the low read noise of <80e- which is a factor of 4x lower than the best in the industry. Combined with varied integration times from 10 µs to >10 s and the 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion (dynamic range >6000:1), the LineCam12 provides excellent versatility. In addition, the incredibly large selection of full wells from 75ke- to 100 Me- with 128 steps of variation, far exceeds any other linear array in the SWIR band. Importantly, there is also on-chip optical pixel binning available by command, which allows the user to trade spectral resolution for increased signal levels, as well as faster line rates. Princeton Infrared’s advanced TEC-stabilized camera offers 18 non-uniformity correction (NUC) tables (12 factory-set and 6 user-defined) for additional flexibility.

The USB3.0 SWIR OEM LineCam12 is specially designed and optimized for complex and demanding imaging applications, for example in Raman spectroscopy, and in environments where objects are moving quickly (factory lines), such as sorting, detecting moisture, characterizing different plastics, and more. The camera starting price is $9500 in single units. For multiple units or OEM quantities, please contact PIRT for pricing.

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