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Basler Embedded Vision Kits

By: Basler AG

Basler‘s Embedded Vision Kits provide developers with an easy-to-use kit with all components needed to evaluate a Basler dart camera with a USB 3.0, BCON for MIPI or BCON for LVDS interface and for hassle-free camera integration. You can choose from three Embedded Vision Kits:

  • a plug and play evaluation kit with a dart USB camera,
  • a development kit including a dart BCON camera module with a BCON for LVDS interface and a suitable processing board with a ZYNQ SoC byXilinx.
  • a development kit including a dart BCON camera module with a BCON for MIPI interface and an Arrow DragonBoard 820 equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC.

    All kits contain the components you need to start right away such as a lens, cables, and the pylon Camera Software Suite. In addition the Development Kits come with a pre-installed image and a board support package. This reference implementations for both the hardware and software side that can be used as a template for designing a complete embedded vision system. They serve as the perfect stepping stone to custom development, illustrating how the camera module can be addressed and configured via the pylon SDK.

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