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5.5MP GigE Vision/USB2.0 CIS2521 sCMOS Camera – monochrome
Model Number: B2521FTS-CM-C-S MityCAM Series Camera

By: Critical Link LLC

The MityCAM-B2521F couples a 5.5MP high-performance, low noise sCMOS imaging sensor from Fairchild Imaging with the processing technology in Critical Link’s Altera Cyclone V SoC System on Module. It serves as a sensor evaluation kit and a smart camera platform for embedded vision applications. Production-ready configurations include fully-enclosed cameras, complete 3-board sets, and partial board sets for customers electing customized sensor or I/O boards.

Link: http://www.criticallink.com/product/mitycam-b2521f/

Sensor: Fairchild Imaging CIS2521 sCMOS

Resolution: 5.5 MP at 2560 x 2160

Shutter Mode: Rolling & Global

Frame Rate: 70fps

Dimensions: 76.2mm x 86.56mm x 72.28mm

Interface: GigE Vision & USB2.0

Additional configurations exist including sensor resolution, chroma, and interfaces -- visit http://www.criticallink.com/product/mitycam-b2521f/ for model information.

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