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Brick Light - Grey Series
Model Number: SC75

By: Smart Vision Lights

Smart Vision Lights offers a series of competitively priced, “Grey Series Lighting”. The SC75 Brick Light is a low cost alternatives for the Vision Industry. This line features all high bright LEDs, can operate in strobe mode or constant on, and features a built-in driver. SVL’s Grey Series Lighting Series is available in Red 625nm, Blue 470nm, Green 530nm, IR 850nm and White only. The option for standard tight, wide angle expanded, or line generating optics are available as well.

SC75 Brick Light Advantages:

  • Grey Series Machine Vision Light
  • 6 High Current LED’s
  • M12 Quick Disconnect
  • Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver
  • PNP and NPN Strobe input
  • Continuous operation or Strobe
  • Illumination patterns available in standard tight, wide expanded, and line

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