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Diffuse On & Off Axis Light
Model Number: TL305

By: Smart Vision Lights

The TL305 Series was designed as pharmaceutical blister pack inspection light with a built in individual On-Axis and Off-Axis intensity control lighting system. Exceptional uniformity and an intense output combined with its design makes the TL305 Series a perfect lighting solution for blister pack inspection, solder joint inspection, or any inspection of products with a highly reflective finish.

TL305 Diffuse On & Off Axis Light Advantages

- 5 Pin M12 Quick Disconnect - Built in Driver – No external wiring to a driver - Simple +24VDC and GND hook-up - Continuous operation or Strobe mode - Individual intensity control of each axis - Analog intensity 0-10VDC signal - Custom lengths and additional colors also available

The standard wavelength color for the TL305 is White (WHI).

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