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LED Line Scan - Line High Power (LHP)
Model Number: LHP

By: Smart Vision Lights

The innovative design of the Line High Power (LHP) Series light allows this product to project the most intense and fully focusable line on the market today. The LHF utilizes 192 high power LEDs for every 300mm in length all while remaining thermally stable thanks to the heat dissipating qualities of the aluminum housing and the built in air or liquid cooling controlled via an external chilling system. With an interlocking key switch selectable between high and low intensity, the LHP Series is fully controllable and user protected. Easily identifiable positive and negative power terminals with the included 24VDC 40A power supply make for quick and easy field installation. LED Line Scan - LHP Series

- Brightest Line Scan Light Available - Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver - High and Low Intensity Selector - Interlock System for User Protection - 24VDC 40A Power Supply Included - Available in 365nm – 940nm - Optional Wire-Grid Polarizer - Available - Greater than 5 Million Lux

The LHP Line Scan light is available in the following wavelengths: White (WHI), UV (365nm), UV (395nm), Blue (470nm), Cyan (505nm), Green (530nm), Red (625nm), IR (850nm) and IR (940nm)

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