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By: Integro Technologies

Integro Technologies is now offering the VisionVault?Package, allowing for effective and efficient user-traceability and data archiving capabilities on the Cognex In-Sight Platform.

Today, all Cognex In-Sight systems have an independent set of usernames and passwords per device that have to be setup and managed. The greater the number of deployed cameras, the greater the probability of a lost password or restricting access unintentionally. These types of event result in lost production and increased maintenance and administrative costs.

By implementing VisionVault, all usernames and passwords are centralized to Microsoft ActiveDirectory for Administration, thereby minimizing potential security risks to your vision systems.

Users can access read only production data via an internet browser from any user terminal with sufficient rights to execute queries on the central VisionVault database.

Users can enter username and password using traditional methods or use existing company RFID badge scanners at each VisionVault-AD access point to authenticate.

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