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Robeye All In One (RAIO)

By: Recognition Robotics Inc.

Robeye All In One (RAIO) is a sensor for 3D Robotic Guidance designed for high industrial reliability

The core of RAIO is CortexRecognition, a visual recognition and guidance software that mimics the way we see. As humans we are not required to use a 3D scanner in order to understand our visual environment—this is now the same for robots. RAIO uses a 2D image sensor and powerful recognition software to guide industrial robots in 6 degrees of freedom (X Y Z Rx Ry Rz). Now any production line of any size can realize the benefits from an autonomous automated workforce.

An Industry First: 6D Technology with a 2D Camera and Zero Engineering CortexRecognition software calculates six degrees of freedom with one image—and no three-dimensional camera technology. Stay simple, eliminate lengthy set-up time and complex digital images. We are the first in the industry to use one eye, one image and no structured light to calculate depth, rotation and location with high accuracy and speed in a wide Field of View.

Benefits 1. Propels machine autonomy and flexibility 2. Minimizes mechanical complexity 3. Limits up-front engineering 4. Reduces infrastructure expense 5. Increases automated workforce and human compatibility 6. Saves on labor costs 7. Remove dependence on precision racks/fixtures


Automotive Picking parts out of structured and semi-structured racks, including: 1. Body sides 2. Underbody 3. Side sill 4. B-pillar 5. Roofs 6. Door inner 7. Door outer 8. Rocker 9. Floor pan 10. Apron 11. Axel 12. Transmission 13. Transmission casting 14. Engine block

Other Automotive Applications: 1. Geometric best fit / assembly (side sill, windshield, door hanging, hoods, fenders) 2. Wheel alignment 3. Wheelhouse hamming 4. Tire deflation 5. Piston stuffing 6. Seal application

Random Pile Picking 1. Picking tubes from pile 2. Picking blades from pile 3. Picking electric terminals from pile 4. Picking chip bags (deformable)

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