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USB3 Vision industrial camera with new global shutter Sony Pregius CMOS Sensors
Model Number: USB3 Vision - mvBlueFOX3-2


In spite of its size, the mvBlueFOX3 USB 3.0 family features make it a real giant: along with the integrated 256 Mbytes image memory, the mvBlueFOX3 has a huge FPGA with many smart features for image processing as well as 2/4 digital inputs and outputs. The camera family is compliant with the standards GenICam and USB3 Vision. Drivers are available for Linux and Windows. Furthermore, the camera is supported by image processing libraries which are compliant with USB3 Vision.

The mvBlueFOX3-2 is the new USB3 Vision family for the new sensor generations. MATRIX VISION's smallest camera offers higher resolutions and frame rates as well as camera based smart features, which reduce the load of the host system.

Cameras with sensors up to 31.5 Mpixel are available.

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