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BOA Spot Vision Sensors
Model Number: 0640M-SL

By: Teledyne DALSA

The BOA Spot vision sensor combines the power and flexibility of a BOA vision system with integrated optics, lighting and easy-to-use setup software to deliver high value capabilities at a low cost of ownership.

Included within the BOA Spot vision sensor is a set of robust vision tools for part locating, counting, measuring and feature or defect detecting applications. These tools can be combined and used multiple times to solve simple or complex inspection tasks that are beyond the capabilities of traditional sensors.

Inspections using BOA Spot vision sensors can be triggered by parts in motion or from a PLC after being moved into position. Standard factory protocols, such as Ethernet/IP and PROFINET, are directly supported by communicating with 3rd party equipment or the factory enterprise. Furthermore, inspected images can be transferred to a networked drive using the FTP protocol.

The BOA Spot enclosure is compact and easy to integrate mechanically. M12 connections are accessible on the back of the unit for Ethernet and I/O interfacing. Standard M12 cabling is supported to further reduce integration cost.

GUI The software user interface is quick to learn and applicable for both novice and expert users alike. Guided setup is supported on the top navigation bar, while the left and bottom panels are used for function-specific setup, advanced control and status reporting. The interface offers a full complement of features for both setup and runtime operation.

MODELS BOA Spot is being initially offered in 4 models, differentiated by sensor resolution and software capabilities. The "Standard Level" model offers a basic set of inspection tools for presence/absence and measurement applications. The "Expanded Level" models offer additional tools and advanced capabilities for more complex tasks.

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