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Vieworks 47 MP Ultra-high Resolution 9 FPS CCD Camera
Model Number: VA-47MX

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

Vision Systems Technology is the Master Distributer for Vieworks cameras for NA. The Vieworks VA-47X CoaXPress camera has the highest interline CCD available (8856 × 5280), KAI 47051 with a 5.5 micron sq.pixel can will produce outstanding 12-bit global shuttered images at 9 FPS. The camera has advance performance & features including:

  • 16 Taps Readout
  • High Dynamic Range up to 68
  • Up to 9 fps at 12.5 Gbps using 2 CH
  • N x M binning
  • Field Upgradable Firmware
  • Excellent Anti-blooming and Anti-smear
  • Flat Field Correction
  • Advanced PRNU and DSNU Correction
  • Tap Linearity Correction

The instrument quality 12-bit 47MP digital images are well suited for Flat Panel Display Inspection, Electronics and Semiconductor Inspection, Aerial Imaging & Ground Surveillance.

Many Aerial & Surveillance applications use multiple cameras together to achieve ultra-high resolutions. The lens mount is precision made and we provide highly accurate coplanar alignment from lens flange to focal plane for assuring flatness from edge to edge. The VA-47MX CoaXPress interface takes advantage of power through PoCXP makes for easy connection and compact use in multi-camera formats. There is a separate connector for power for non-PoCXP and one for an external trigger-strobe I/O.

Our cameras simple work out of the box, giving very reliable and repeatable performance to the standard you would expect. The VA-47MX Digital CoaXPress Vision Camera is rugged and design for reliable operation over a wide temperature range. We provide a full SDK and our cameras are fully genicam compatible. The cameras are available with a Bayer (color) CFA, a sparse (Truesense) CFA or mono chrome sensor.

We provide free full SDKs with custom software API source for Windows & Linux. We provide the best pre-post sales/support you will find in our industry. We are price competitive & provide free demos to support your project.

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