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Vieworks 29 MP GigE Series Aerial Imaging & Surveillance Camera
Model Number: VX-29MG

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

Vision Systems Technology is the Vieworks' North American Master Distributor, celebrating 8 years. The Vieworks VX-29MG camera uses the 29-million pixel (6,575 x 4,383) OnSemiconductor CCD image sensor. The camera has features including Automatic Exposure, Automatic Gain, & Automatic IRIS (optional lens control mount) that make taking Photographic Quality images easy.

Many Aerial & Surveillance applications use multiple cameras together to achieve ultra-high resolutions (i,e, 20 x 29MP x 12 bits = 870 MP imsage). These cameras are all triggered and read (images) simultaneously. The VX 29 MP Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision) camera interface provides many new features to manage the high network bandwidth when using multiple digital cameras. Camera features, such as a multiple image frame buffer for managing capture bandwidth and the use of IEEE 802.3x Pause Frame control that allows the receiving device (switch) to stop the sending device (camera) until it is ready. The camera's large adjustable packet delay is another tool for managing image data from multiple cameras on a Gigabit Ethernet network or multi-casting feature.

Another important feature of the VX camera is its extended operating temperature range for working in harsh environments. The VX camera at -40 degrees to +60 degrees Celsius allows for use in high-altitude aerial applications. Finally, the precision alignment of the lens mount to the image plane ensures that captured images can easily be stitched together without edge boundary errors.

The VX-29MG camera has a simple adjustable backfocus and is available in either f-mount, threaded mount or an optional EF mount to support AF & AE with Zeiss or Canon lenses.

The VX-29MG brings Aerial and Surveillance customers features & performance that allows them to take Photographic Quality images with an easy-to-use camera. Please contact us at Vision Systems Technology for more information including EMVA-1288 performance report.

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