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Vieworks 225 MP CMOS 8 FPS Pixel Shift Camera
Model Number: VN-25MX

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

Vision Systems Technology is the Master Distributer for Vieworks cameras. Vieworks has introduced the world’s first CMOS pixel-shifting camera. The VN-25MX, complete with CoaXPress interface, was released early 2015. The VN-25MX won several prestigious awards, including the 2015 Red Dot Design Award and the Platinum Award for the 2015 Innovators Awards, from popular magazine, Vision Systems Design. Only three companies were selected for the top Platinum honor and Vieworks was the only camera company. VN-25MX was acknowledged as incredibly advanced for both design and technology.

With its innovative design the VN-25MX provides resolutions up to 225 megapixels at 8 FPS or 100 megapixels at 18 FPS. The native resolution is 25 megapixels at 72 FPS using a global shuttered CMOS imaging sensor.

Pixel Shift technology is used in to increase an Industrial Camera’s resolution many times that of the camera’s native (non-pixel shift image) resolution. The increase in resolution is accomplished by shifting the sensor’s image by fraction of a pixel. For each shift, an image is saved. These saved images are then combined into a composite (stitched) image. Application of pixel shift technology to a machine vision application typical requires the FOV (field-of-view) remain stationary since multiple images (one per shift) are captured.

Not only is Pixel Shift technology innovative, but it provides a cost-effective product for replacing multiple cameras used to produce the same resolution (225 MP) or produce a true RGB image from a single sensor with a Bayer CFA (color filter array). True RGB color is produced without the typical spatial aliasing artifacts such as zippers or rainbows on a high frequency edges. The ultra-high resolution of the VN-25MX is ideal or the flat panel inspection, document archiving, PCB inspection, microscopy, film scanning or any other applications where the object for imaging is not moving.

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