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Vieworks 12 Megapixel 180 FPS CMOS CoaXPress Camera (12 MP)
Model Number: VC-12MX

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

Vision Systems Technology is Vieworks' North American Master Distributor, celebrating 8 years. The Vieworks VC-12MX camera features a 12 megapixel CMOS image sensor (CMV12000) running 180 FPS, with a global electronic shutter. The VC-12MX is ideal for applications requiring higher through-put rate than traditional CCD cameras. The high quality 10-bit digital images are well suited for Industrial Inspection, Scientific and Surveillance vision applications.

Customers in the Industrial market can increase the throughput of their inspection machine by taking advantage of larger field-of-view and image capture time of 5.5 milliseconds (180 FPS). A feature of this camera is the image can have multiple Regions-Of-Interest (ROI) which is usefully for localized defect detection.

The VC-12MX provides the Scientific market with a new tool to capture higher speed events at a price far below traditional high speed imaging cameras. Streaming 12 MP 10 bit images at 180 FPS provides real-time monitoring for inline processes needing instant decision making (i.e. pill sorting for defects).

For the Surveillance market, the VC-12MX with an optional IR enhanced CIS provides real-time capture and viewing at 6 X HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution.

The VC-12MX camera uses CMOSIS CMV12000. The 12 megapixel, 180 FPS, global electronic shutter image sensor has 4,096 x 3,072 pixels at 5.5 um. By reducing the Field-Of-View (FOV) using a Region-Of-Interest (ROI), faster frame rates (i.e. 4096 x 512 = 1013 FPS) are possible. The CoaXPress digital output easily connects to industry standard frame grabbers. The VC-12MX digital camera is available in either Color or monochrome and measures 68 x 68 x 54 mm in size and weighs only 420 grams. This small lightweight camera easily fits into tight places often required by OEM’s in their vision application.

The VC-12MX cameras are immediately available. Free demo units of the VC-12MX cameras available by contacting Vision Systems Tech.

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