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iPORT CL-U3 External Frame Grabbers

By: Pleora Technologies

Pleora’s iPORT CL-U3 External Frame Grabbers provide systems manufacturers and integrators with cost and design flexibility advantages by converting Camera Link cameras into native USB3 Vision cameras. With these external frame grabbers, Camera Link cameras can transport high-speed imaging and video data over the widely available USB 3.0 bus. The cameras can also be used with a broader selection of smaller form factor, low-power computing platforms to help reduce system costs.

The CL-U3 family transmits video from Base and Medium mode Camera Link cameras with low, predictable latency over a USB 3.0 link. The connection at the workstation is a standard USB 3.0 port, eliminating the need for a desktop computer with an available peripheral card slot for a traditional frame grabber. As a result, designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using computing platforms with smaller form factors, such as laptops, embedded computers, and single-board computers. Integrated PLC and GPIO capabilities allow end-users to control, trigger and synchronize cameras and other vision system elements.

Pleora’s CL-U3 External Frame Grabbers help systems manufacturers and integrators to leverage the performance attributes of USB 3.0, including high-bandwidth output, power over cable, and plug-and-play usability. The iPORT CL-U3 External Frame Grabber family delivers a range of solutions for designers to meet specific system requirements, including products supporting extended operating temperature range, extensive GPIO functionality, and power over Camera Link (PoCL).

The CL-U3 complies fully with the USB3 Vision and GenICam standards, ensuring interoperability with third-party equipment in multi-vendor environments. The CL-U3 is bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich eBUS SDK application toolkit.

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