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VT TDI Line Scan Camera with M72

By: Vieworks Co., Ltd.

VT Series, Time Delayed Integration (TDI) line scan cameras, provides faster line rates and higher sensitivity than existing line scan cameras. Vieworks' advanced TDI line scan technology based on the outstanding hybrid imaging sensors allows image captures as fast as 125kHz with up to 128× higher sensitivity using the VT-4K7C camera. Even superior resolution, line rate and sensitivity, up to 200kHz line rate and up to 256× greater sensitivity can be achieved using the VT-12K5X camera. VT series is available with Camera Link or the latest CoaXPress interface standard to meet application-specific requirements. Featured with high speed and high sensitivity, this brand new technology is ideal for demanding applications such as flat panel display inspection, wafer inspection, printed circuit board inspection, and high-performance document scanning.

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