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Camera Link® Cable Assemblies
Model Number: MVC-1-(X)-1-(XX)

By: Components Express, Inc.

Camera Link® Cables presented to you by Components Express, Inc. We are an industry leading manufacturer of high performance cables assemblies and globally recognized for our outstanding level of workmanship, performance & durability. Developed with an over-molded design for improved fit and includes a ribbed surface for easy handling along with a progressive strain relief that promotes flexibility. We use the highest quality cable to ensure flexibility for long life and have been tested to over 22 million flex cycles. Each assembly is 100% performance certified and fully B.E.R.T (Bit Error Rate Tested) in Full Mode to Zero Bit Errors, ensuring optimal performance. We offer a multitude of interconnect and right angle options in either standard or PoCL configurations. We are ISO: 9001:2008 certified and all of our Camera Link® cables come with a standard 2 year warranty in materials and workmanship.

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