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USB3.0 SuperTT Dongle

By: EverPro Technologies Company Ltd.

Description: U3D02 is the second generation product in EverPro USB3.0-to-2.0 dongle series. Its unique built-in SuperTT technology is capable of realizing mutual conversion between USB3.0 and USB2.0 protocols, so as to enable USB2.0 equipment to share the super speed bandwidth (5 Gbps) of USB3.0. Using with USB hub, multiple USB2.0 equipment may exclusively share the peak bandwidth of 480 Mbps. It also can be matched with USB3.0 AOC to greatly extend the transmission distance. And the maximum transmission distance may exceed 100 m without adding any relay equipment.

Feature: a)Compatible with USB3.0/2.0 specification; b)Plug and play without driver dependent; c)Double-color LED for state indication; d)Firmware upgrading support; e)+5V power; f)Compatible with USB3.0 AOC and supply +5V power for it.

Specification: 1.Interface: USB 3.0 Upstream Port (1x USB3.0 type A receptacle); USB 3.0 Downstream Port (1x USB3.0 type A receptacle); 2.Power Supply: DC Input-5V, 2A, 5%; Connector Size-4.0 *1.7mm; Consumption-1.5W; 3.Dimension/Condition: Dimension (LWH)-72.6 x 32 x 15mm; Operating Temp(5 - 35°C); Storage Temp(-20 - 70 °C).

Application: a)Machine vision system; b)High-definition video surveillance system; c)Digital Signage System; d)Industrial print system; e)High-speed data acquisition system.

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