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FireBird CoaXPress Dual CXP-6 Frame Grabber
Model Number: AS-FBD-2XCXP6-2PE8

By: Active Silicon, Inc.

FireBird is designed for ultimate performance providing the very fastest image acquisition without any CPU intervention using the latest FPGA families, DDR3 memory, and a fast Gen2 PCI Express interface.

• CoaXPress gives high speed data, power, and camera control all over a single cable. • High performance with 12.5 Gigabits per second input rate. • Fast PCI Express 8-lane Gen2 interface. • RISC based DMA engine gives zero CPU acquisition. • Comprehensive I/O. • Supports PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress). • Standard half-length PCI form factor. • Full GenICam support (including GenTL Producer). • Supported by the proven Phoenix software SDK.

CoaXPress is a new digital transmission standard that allows high speed data from a device such as a camera to be transferred to a host such as a frame grabber. Each CoaXPress link supports up to 6.25 Gbps data rates, along with device power up to 13W and device control at 20 Mbps – all on a single coax cable. For faster devices, the links can be concatenated to provide multiples of the single coax bandwidth. Very long cable lengths are supported – up to 40m at 6.25 Gbps and over 100m at 3.125 Gbps. Active Silicon was one of the primary authors of the CoaXPress specification which is now a JIIA (Japanese Industrial Imaging Association) standard. FireBird is supported by Active Silicon’s existing Phoenix SDK, allowing easy migration for customers using Phoenix frame grabbers. The Phoenix SDK is available as a separate item, and allows rapid system development and integration. It provides comprehensive example applications and optimized libraries, and via a common API it is available for various operating systems including Windows and Linux, Mac OS X and QNX. Drivers for third party applications are also available such as Cognex VisionPro, Image-Pro Plus, StreamPix, LabVIEW etc. Full GenICam support is included in the drivers and this includes a GenTL Producer for data streaming as well as register accesses.

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