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BOA XA Smart Camera
Model Number: BVS2-XAXM-INS

By: Teledyne DALSA

BOA2 is a highly integrated machine vision system designed primarily for automated inspection and control applications. Packaged as an industrial smart camera, BOA2 combines a high resolution image sensor with powerful processing, flexible communications and easy-to-use embedded software that has been designed to satisfy a variety of factory floor vision applications.

Typical Applications

Precision part measuring - BOA2 can image up to 2560 horizontal 5um pixels for repeatable and reliable measuring

Defect detection - BOA2 can detect minute defects that are lost or difficult to distinguish with lower resolution sensors

Assembly verification - BOA2 systems can image and inspect large parts or large surface areas, thus reducing the number of sensors and overall cost of deployment

Lighting Options

BOA2 provides a direct connection to external 24V light sources with built-in strobe control. The BOA2 XA2 model can optionally be fitted with a high intensity ring light. This light has built-incollimators that provide uniform illumination across the target.


BOA2 is offered with a DIN mountable panel link module that provides convenient wiring and I/O isolation at the control panel. The system connects to this device through a standard M12 cable.

Other optional accessories include lenses, lens protection caps, filters, lights, interface cables, power supplies, display controllers and HMI touch panels.

Embedded Software

BOA2 vision systems include a full license to setup and run the embedded iNspect Express software. This easy-to-use application provides extensive vision tools and capabilities that satisfy a range of inspection needs, from part positioning, identification and measuring to verification and flaw detection.

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