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Camera Link frame grabbers & extenders - VisionLink series overview
Model Number: VisionLink-series framegrabbers and extenders


VisionLink framegrabbers support up to 85MHz camera clock speeds on PCIe Gen2 or higher, and their compact size means can be ordered with full- or half-height backplanes to fit in standard or low-profile systems. The VisionLink F1 is a low-cost, 1-lane PCI Express framegrabber that supports all base mode Camera Link cameras from 20-85 MHz. The 4-lane VisionLink F4 supports base, medium and full mode cameras.

The VisionLink RCX, our next-generation Camera Link extender, builds upon the proven performance of (and is compatible with) our original RCX C-Link extender, while retaining compatibility with base mode versions of the RCX C-Link. A pair of VisionLink RCX modules connected via fiber constitute a long range extension cable for base mode Camera Link devices. The VisionLink RCX supports the full Camera Link pixel clock range of 20-85MHz, incorporates faster 3.125 Gbps fiber transceivers in the versatile SFP (pluggable) form factor, and uses a simplified method for setting blink codes.

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