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Dynamic Focus VZM Lens

By: Edmund Optics

  • Electronically Adjust Focus with Integrated Liquid Lens
  • Overcomes Depth of Field Limitations
  • Includes Software for Focus Tuning

  • The Dynamic Focus VZM Lens utilizes an internal liquid lens to easily and seamlessly adjust focus over a 7X range, from 0.65X to 4.6X, while maintaining the zoom capabilities of the standard VZM Zoom Imaging Lenses. The lens also features a lockable iris, zoom control, and a rotatable mount that allows the camera to be properly oriented. Additionally, a removable mounting flange allows the lens to fit into the 50mm diameter thru hole of the rack and pinion mount #03-609. The liquid lens focus can be controlled via the ruggedized 6-pin HIROSE connector and a USB port, while coarse magnification adjustments can be made manually. The included software allows the Dynamic Focus VZM Lens to be programmed to cycle through focus with a square, sinusoidal, or sawtooth waveform or adjustable frequency and focus-shift range.

    Visit the Edmund Optics website for more information. In stock and available for immediate delivery.

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