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Basler dart Series

By: Basler AG

Basler dart board level cameras combine modern camera technology, highly cost-optimized design and Basler's proven quality and reliability.

The Basler dart is available with three versatile interfaces; the dart USB offers advantages including easy integration, convenient plug and play functionality, and secure data transfer up to a bandwidth of 350MB/s.

BCON embodies the synergies made possible by combining embedded interface technologies such as LVDS or MIPI CSI-2 with Machine Vision features and technology standards. BCON for MIPI is tailor-made for embedded vision applications with MIPI CSI-2 interface. The pre-processing of the image takes place in the host processor’s ISP. This allows for the leanest embedded systems without compromises in image quality.

BCON for LVDS interface ensures reliable transmission of image data when connecting toFPGA based platforms. It allows for leaner integration of industrial image processing within embedded systems.

The dart comes in different mount options. The flexible mount concept allows for a variety of lenses to be used. Based on their small size and low weight, the cameras are very easily integrated into your application. They can be applied in a variety of ways, besides classical industrial applications also areas such as microscopy, retail, traffic related or even IoT applications.

  • Board level cameras with bare board, S- and CS-mount options
  • Bare board: 27mm x 27mm and 5g in weight; S and CS-Mount: 29mm x 29mm at 15g
  • Popular ON Semiconductor and e2v CMOS sensors with resolutions of 1.2 to 5MP and up to 60fps
  • Best-in-class image pre-processing like debayering, denoising, improved sharpness
  • One-cable solution with plug and play USB 3.0 interface
  • Basler BCON for MIPI interface tailor-made for MIPI CSI-2 connections including appropriate driver package
  • BCON for LVDS interface for sophisticated embedded technology requirements
  • Basler's powerful pylon Camera Software included free

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