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5.2M resolution, high-speed, camera link interfaced 5CL1 series
Model Number: VCC-5CL1M

By: CIS Corporation

5.2M pixels resolution, high speed camera with 65x65x31mm in size. Camera Link Base, Medium, Full, and 10 Tap Configuration are supported. Frame rate 140fps at full frame. With B/W model various function are available such as shading correction, binarization, AE, AGC, HDR, sequence control, horizontal flip, and more. Color camera outputs RAW data. Camera Link or PoCL I/F is selectable by changing the switch at camera rear. Moreover, gamma correction (with LUT) and 24V trigger signal input are supported as well. Best suited for resolution and speed-conscious applications, such as medical imaging, mounting board inspection, PTP inspection, LED/LCD related, semiconductor related systems, and others. Both Mono and Color models are also available.

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