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High Resolution Lenses for 1” and 4/3” Sensors

By: Edmund Optics

Edmund Optics® TECHSPEC® High Resolution Lenses for 1” and 4/3” Sensors are designed for the harsh demands of industrial inspection applications. The 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm lenses are compatible with up to 1" sensor formats, while the 50mm lens is compatible with up to 4/3" sensor formats. These fixed focal length lenses feature a locking focus and iris rings to prevent unwanted adjustments, and a front filter thread for integrating standard optical filters.

  • Support up to 4/3" Sensors
  • High Resolution with Strong Contrast
  • Durable Housing is Ideal for Factory Automation

New low pricing is available due to efficiencies achieved in the manufacturing process. Significant savings on these lenses – 25% off of original price; 50% discount or more are available when you buy in volume. Contact Edmund Optics for a quote today!


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