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Matrox Design Assistant — GigE Vision

By: Matrox Imaging

Matrox Design Assistant flowchart-based vision software is so easy to learn, anyone can use it. Design Assistant is an integrated development environment (IDE) where vision applications are created by constructing an intuitive flowchart instead of writing traditional program code. In addition to building a flowchart, the IDE enables users to directly design a graphical operator interface for the application. Design Assistant is hardware independent, so you can choose any computer with GigE Vision® or USB3 Vision™ cameras & get the processing power you need.


•Easily & quickly solve machine vision applications without writing program code using an intuitive flowchart-based methodology

•Choose the best platform for the job using a hardware-independent environment that supports any PC with any GigE Vision or USB3 Vision camera

•Deploy the same project to a rugged & reliable Matrox vision system & smart camera

•Tackle machine vision applications with confidence using field-proven tools for analyzing, locating, measuring, reading, & verifying

• Learn and use one program for creating both the application logic & operator interface

•Work with multiple cameras within the same project

•Rely on a common underlying vision library for the same results with a Matrox smart camera, vision system or 3rd-party computer

•Maximize productivity by getting instant feedback on image analysis & processing operations

•Get immediate pertinent assistance through an integrated contextual guide

•Communicate actions & results to other automation & enterprise equipment through discrete Matrox I/Os, RS-232 & Ethernet (TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP™ 3, MODBUS®, PROFINET & native robot interfaces)

•Create custom flowchart steps

3. Certification pending.

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