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STC-M Series
Model Number: STC-MCCM401U3V, STC-MBCM401U3V

By: Omron Sentech Co., Ltd.

Sentech's USB3 Vision camera series offers a resolution range from 1.3M to 4M, frame rates between 60 to 150fps, and both color and monochrome versions. Currently, the 1.3M(STC-MCE132U3V,STC-MBE132U3V) version uses an e2v sensor while the 2M(STC-MCCM200U3V, STC-MBCM200U3V) and 4M(STC-MCCM401U3V, STC-MBCM401U3V) version uses a C-MOSIS sensor. These cameras come in a small form factor size and are equipped with standard machine vision features such as full trigger capabilities, area-of-interest (AOI), and binning.

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