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Coaxlink, the CoaXPress frame grabbers

By: Euresys

Coaxlink is a series of four high-performance frame grabbers with a CoaXPress interface. They acquire images from the fastest and highest resolution cameras on the market.

The Coaxlink Quad G3, Coaxlink Quad, Coaxlink Duo and Coaxlink Mono target applications requiring high data rates, high frame rates, consistent real-time timings but also longer cable length, greater cable reliability and flexibility. Typical examples of applications for the Coaxlink frame grabbers are AOI, SPI and 3D SPI, printing inspection, Flat Panel Display or glass inspection.

The Coaxlink cards benefit from the highest data acquisition rate in the industry. They are able to sustain up to 6.25 Gbit/s over a single Coaxlink cable. This leads to an impressive data transfer rate of 25 Gbit/s with the 4 cable connections of Coaxlink Quad and Quad G3.

The Coaxlink frame grabbers support multiple-camera applications. Coaxlink Quad and Coaxlink Quad G3 are designed to acquire images from up to four CoaXPress cameras. Two cameras can be connected to the Coaxlink Duo. Multiple Coaxlink cards can be used simultaneously in a single PC and all the cameras connected can be optionally synchronized.

Coaxial cabling allows for longer distances between the camera and the frame grabber. Moreover, these cables offer greater reliability and flexibility. At full speed, a cable of up to 35 meters can be used. At half-speed, a distance of 100 meters can be achieved. This clearly reduces the need for repeaters. A single cable supports data transfer, camera control, trigger and power supply (up to 13W) simplifying the integration and decreasing the costs and the CoaXPress standard offers the real time triggering capabilities required by industrial machine vision applications. Moreover, the Coaxlink cards take advantage of the robust push/pull latching system of DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors for reliable industrial applications.

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