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LC8K100CXP Digital Grayscale/Color Camera

By: BAP Image Systems, LLC

The LC8K100CXP camera is a tool for extremely fast motion image line capture in the print industry, scanning of the fast moving objects and in industrial automation. The electronic components of the LC8K100CXP are capable of capturing a gray-scale /color image with a resolution up to 600 DPI for DIN A3 size. The maximum size and resolution depend on the optical configuration of the camera and may cover over 600 mm scan width. The camera electronics can be included in the customer’s optic system or use one of the BAP optical systems.

The camera is equipped with a dual 6.25 Gbps CoaXPress interface for fast video transfer, supporting convenient "POC" supply mode. There are external triggers available for line and frame synchronization.

The camera works with the BAP CoaXPress PCIE8CXP4 frame grabber and third party 6.25 Gbps-capable CoaXPress frame grabbers and image engines. Through the use of the PCI-Express interface, the full bandwidth of the dual-link CoaXPress 6.25 Gbps interface may be achieved.

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