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LC7K570MCL Digital Color Camera Electronic

By: BAP Image Systems, LLC

The LC7K570MCL is a high image quality, true three-line RGB sensor camera with a variable line length up to 7500 pixels.Variable line length design allows to cover different speed and resolution requirements with a single camera. Builtin features of the camera allow to enhance video quality using precise and adjustable color components alignment (remapping) capability,and LUT-based gamma + contrast enhancement module. There are several processing options available already in the camera: horizontal and vertical antialiased re-scaling allowing to obtain images in resolutions different from the native optical resolution, color space conversion allowing to deliver either RGB or YCbCr video stream, and many others. The LC7K570MCL works with BAP Image Engines: IE5G_SS, IE64_HS and third party frame grabbers.

· Maximum capture line length: 3 x 7500 pixel. · Maximum capture line rate: 25 kHz @ 3 x 2K pixel scan. · Camera Link Base video output, low cost G-Link video output. · Power supply: single 12V or optional dual 12V/5V for EMIsensitive environments. · Three-line CCD technology with a true 24-bit RGB or YUV output in the native resolution (without need for Bayer decorrelation). · Resolution: from 100 DPI up to 600 DPI for DIN A3 (or 1200 DPI for DIN A5).

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