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Super Speed Image Processing Engine – IE5G_SS

By: BAP Image Systems, LLC

The IE5G_SS is a newest generation image capture and processing engine equipped with high speed video processing hardware modules and a USB 3.0 interface for host communication. The board can be installed as an embedded system in any device, which has to perform complicated image processing functions in a limited time frame.

The IE5G_SS was designed to work with one or two digital color cameras from BAPis and third party cameras equipped with generic Camera Link interface (CoaXPress extension during development). Board has an enormous set of image processing, enhancement, detection and compression functions. Key features of the device include:

JPEG compression (with a wide range of color and sub-sampling modes), TIFF G4/T6 compression, Adaptive binarization, Color Correction Matrix for perfect color matching, advanced color detection and removal filters, asymmetric image sharpening to correct shortcomings of the optical and mechanical system, Bayer matrix de-correlation, bar-code recognition, OMR marking system recognition and many others. The device modular pipeline architecture and an effective programming API allows to obtain a multitude of differently processed images from a single scanned object (multi-streaming).

· Suitable for high speed scanners. · USB 3.0 Super Speed interface with true transfer speed to host of 170 MB/s, backwards compatible with USB 2.0 hosts. · Dual G-Link low cost video input or dual Camera Link video input. CoaXPress video interface option during development. · Reduced electromagnetic emission design. · Wide functionality customizations available (filters, detection and compression methods, interfaces). · Example performance: 600 pages per minute DIN A4/300 DPI simplex, multi-stream (dual output TIFF G4 and color JPEG from same document). · On board basic memory: 1600 MHz DDR3. · External triggers & RS232 interfaces for capture synchronization and transporter control. · High durability, long-term availability design.

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