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ace Camera Link Cameras (2 and 4 MP)

By: Basler AG

The Basler ace camera line covers the entire spectrum including cost sensitivity, ultra-fast speeds and high tech in a very small housing. High quality and performance levels combined with an exceptional price/performance ratio make Basler ace cameras one of the world's best-selling cameras with thousands of satisfied customers.

The Basler ace Camera Link cameras use the CMV2000 and the CMV4000 sensors by CMOSIS. They offer 340 frames per second at 2 MP (acA2000-340km/kc models) and 180 frames per second at 4 MP resolution (acA2040-180km/kc models). The sensors run in progressive scan mode and use a global shutter for very precise imaging results and a less complex system layout compared to rolling shutter.

  • 2 and 4 MP CMOSIS sensors with 340 and 180 fps
  • Monochrome NIR variants available
  • Compact 29 x 29 x 43.5 mm housing
  • Less than 90 grams overall weight
  • Power over Camera Link (PoCL)
  • Excellent image quality proven by EMVA 1288 measurements
  • Free software: pylon Camera Software Suite

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