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Four USB 3.0 Camera Families with 43 Camera Models

By: IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

IDS offers 3 USB 3.0 camera families in addition to the successful USB 3 uEye CP family. Now there are 4 camera families - 43 models to choose from!

Whether it’s the space-saving, real single-board USB 3.0 industrial camera or the light, robust housed versions, the new families are a great choice for those cost critical applications in automation, robotics, print & packaging industry, apparatus & medical engineering. Integration & camera handling is easy thanks to USB’s Plug&Play and IDS’ sophisticated & interface independent Software Suite.
The housed USB 3 uEye LE camera version! Focusing on essential features the camera is extremely cost-effective. The camera is very light with its plastic housing yet robust enough for industrial environments. A great fit for a multitude of applications with its C/CS-Mount lens mount, which also allows for wide-angled lenses.

The first real single-board USB 3.0 industrial camera! The USB 3 uEye LE boardlevel camera is easily integrated due to its tiny size & is the perfect component for embedded systems, medical engineering & instrumentation. The camera also offers exceptional connectivity with its 8 pin connector with 5 V power supply, trigger, flash, 2 GPIOs and I2C bus for triggering external devices. Benefit from cost-effective lenses with the boardlevel version with S-Mount lens mount.

Light & also robust: weighing in at 41g (47x46x28mm) the USB 3 uEye ML is the perfect camera for space critical applications, offering all the benefits one would expect from an industrial camera. The USB 3 uEye ML is suited for a wide range of applications with 2 GPIOs, opto-decoupled trigger & flash. Its C/CS lens mount allows for a great selection of lenses. Camera integration is particularly easy based on Plug&Play and USB's 1 cable solution for data transfer & power supply.

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