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3D PRO Laser Green

By: ProPhotonix Limited

The 3D PRO Laser Green has been designed specifically for the demanding requirements of machine vision applications. As direct emission green laser modules, these structured light lasers have a compact cylindrical form factor for easy integration into existing applications.

The 3D PRO Laser Green™ is 19mm in diameter, compatible with the majority of existing Machine Vision systems. The laser is available with a customer specified fixed focus or a variable focus.

3D PRO Lasers offer excellent uniformity with line widths down to 30µm at 120mm which is ideal for inspection applications that demand a high degree of accuracy. The 3D PRO Laser Green is available with o powers up to 35mW and fan angles between 10° and 90°. Electronic options consist of TTL modulation up to 1MHz and Analogue power control for intensity adjustment. The 3D PRO range is available in a wide variety of line and diffractive optic options.

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