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NEW 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser

By: ProPhotonix Limited

Seamless Integration, Excellent Uniformity and Flexibility

The New 3D PRO Variable Focus Structured Light Laser module offers an externally focusable, compact (19mm diameter), cylindrical form factor based on industry standard dimensions for easy integration into existing applications while delivering excellent uniformity and optical flexibility.

The 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser has been designed with a compact, cylindrical from factor for seamless integration into existing systems. The laser offers excellent uniformity with line widths from 30µm to 120mm and is available in a wide variety of wavelengths and power levels.

The unique external focus mechanism preserves factory set alignment & bore sight settings when adjusting the focus without the use of complex tools allowing the user to tune the laser for optimal performance. The externally adjustable focus mechanism is designed for smooth adjustment with a lock-in mechanism for preserving desired focal distance. The externally adjustable focus allows integrators maximum optical flexibility while still ensuring a compact, robust and reliable product.

The 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser can be configured for a wide range of focus and beam shaping options. Both standard and custom configurations provide cost-effective solutions for any size or scope of business.

The 3D PRO Variable Focus Laser is compatible with the majority of existing machine vision applications including 3D measurement, dimensional scanning, positioning and inspection.

ProPhotonix has more than fifteen years of experience in providing lasers for the most demanding requirements and can provide custom solutions for specific applications. For further information on how ProPhotonix can meet your solution requirements contact us at sales@prophotonix.com.

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