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iPORT PT1000-LV External Frame Grabber

By: Pleora Technologies

Pleora’s iPORT™ PT1000-LV External Frame Grabbers allow system manufacturers and integrators to treat LVDS cameras as native GigE Vision® cameras. With these external frame grabbers, LVDS cameras enjoy the long-distance reach of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and can be mixed with native GigE Vision cameras in networked environments. System manufacturers and integrators can shorten time-to-market, lower design and system costs, and reduce development and deployment risk by reusing expensive or application-specific LVDS cameras in GigE Vision installations, with minimal software development. The PT1000-LV External Frame Grabbers interact seamlessly with Pleora's other products in networked or point-to-point digital video systems. The frame grabbers also comply fully with the GigE Vision® and GenICam™ standards, enabling them to interoperate with third-party equipment in multi-vendor systems.

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