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Direct-Connect Series Linear Lights
Model Number: LX150 & LX300

By: Smart Vision Lights

The modular designed LX Series Direct-Connect Linear Lights utilize technology that gives the user the freedom to plug additional lights together creating tailored length solutions in increments of 150mm. This innovative design requires power connection to the first light, but eliminates the need for jumper cables to pass power through to the next. T-slots are integrated into the housing for easy mounting. The lights feature SVL's integrated constant current driver that eliminates the need for any external components. Direct-Connect Series Linear Lights can operate in continuous or strobe mode. They also feature NPN/PNP strobe trigger inputs, 0-10V remote analog intensity control, and a manual potentiometer for simple intensity adjustments. The LX150 utilizes 6 high intensity LEDs. The LX300 utilizes 12 high intensity LEDs. Both are available in standard tight, wide, and line optics with options for all standard and some custom wavelengths.

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