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IK-TF Series

By: Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

Toshiba’s IK-TF5P2 and IK-TF7P2, Power over Camera Link (PoCL), digital cameras provide precise color accuracy, improved sensitivity, and high resolution of fast-moving objects. Ideal for color area scan applications in machine vision, inspection, process control, and factory automation.

The new IK-TF5P2 camera features VGA, 659 x 494 pixel output at 59.94fps frame rate; the IK-TF7P2 delivers XGA, 1024 x 768 pixel output at 29.18fps. Both the electronic shutter and white balance can be controlled manually or in auto mode. Digital output and reduced power requirements make this series perfect for machine vision tasks. The partial scanning function increases frame rates up to 250 fps. Other features include electronic noise reduction, digital shading correction, dual power input (PoCL or 12VDC), C-mount lens mount and both on-screen and remote RS-232 control.

A leading global manufacturer of ultra-compact, high-definition (HD) and high-resolution CCD and CMOS video cameras, Toshiba’s exclusive three-chip prism design offers unparalleled imaging with bright contrast and superior color. Single-piece and remote head configurations support a diverse set of video imaging requirements.

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