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ELiiXA+ 8k/4k, line scan camera
Model Number: ELiiXA+ 8k/4k

By: Teledyne E2v

The ELiiXA+ 8k/4k is the second addition to e2v’s successful ELiiXA+ industrial line scan camera family & aimed at a broad range of applications, providing high performance, ease of use & robustness at a competitive price.

The ELiiXA+ family is designed to provide advanced speed, supreme sensitivity & high resolution by incorporating an innovative CMOS pixel architecture, combining the most advanced signal to noise ratio per individual pixel, & multi-line architecture to boost sensitivity further by sequentially integrating the same object line with full exposure control.

The new ELiiXA+ 8k/4k brings high performance sensor technology to a broader range of applications; the inspection of raw material surfaces & general web material, the sorting of parcel & postal documents, the scanning of print & high resolution documents & the advanced inspection of flat panel displays, printed circuit boards & solar cells. The camera provides the following features:

  • The two most desired resolutions available in the same camera for versatile integration and evolution: 8,192 pixels, 5µm x 5µm pixel pitch, 4 active CMOS lines and 4,096 pixels, 10µm x 10 µm pixel pitch, 2 active CMOS lines
  • Compatible with standard F-mount lenses
  • e2v multi-line CMOS technology offers a one order of magnitude increase in sensitivity versus a standard Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
  • e2v multi-line CMOS technology is compatible with full exposure control
  • Ultra-fast line rate up to 100,000 lines/s
  • Camera Link interface
  • Up to 12-bit depth
  • Power consumption below 7W
  • Vertical & horizontal binning
  • Fast & easy configuration

The camera has a compact design with a 41mm active sensor that can be operated in an 8k or 4k pixel mode depending on the user settings. It is cost effective to implement as the sensor length is compatible with the readily available and affordable F-mount lenses.

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