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vDisplay™ HDI-Pro

By: Pleora Technologies

Pleora's vDisplay™ HDI-Pro IP engines are high-performance video receivers that shrink the size, cost, and power consumption of real-time viewing stations on high-performance video networks. The compact HDI-Pro video receivers transfer video data from Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) network links directly to off-the-shelf or custom video monitors, eliminating the need for bulky, costly, and unreliable PC workstations at each viewing node.

Pleora's vDisplay IP engines are based on purpose-built hardware that efficiently converts streaming IP video from the GigE Vision standard to standard digital High-Definition Multimedia Interface / Digital Visual Interface (HDMI/DVI). The video receivers auto-sense the display capabilities of the attached monitor and select the most appropriate video resolution and timing to use to display incoming GigE video feeds.

Product Features

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