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COBRA Flex Linescan Illuminator

By: ProPhotonix Limited

The new COBRA™ Flex from ProPhotonix has been designed for high-speed linescan and web inspection where installation space is restricted. This innovative new product offers the high performance of our COBRA Slim product in a more compact package. Control electronics are housed separately achieving a much more compact module.

A number of mounting options are available to allow for maximum flexibility and the modular nature of the product means that it is available in any length up to 5metres.

ProPhotonix has recently enhanced its Chip-on-Board technology that is the foundation for its COBRA Series products. All solutions, including COBRA Flex, now deliver up to twice the intensity of the previous product.

UV, Visible & IR wavelengths are available along with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. Additional options include strobing function and onboard Ethernet control.

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