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StreamPix 7: Laptop recording station.

By: NorPix, Inc.

StreamPix 7 is a single or multiple camera digital video recording software and solution. Record at high speed for trouble shooting or video recording. Detailed: StreamPix 7 is a single or multiple high speed digital video recording software package. StreamPix 7 supports a wide variety of high speed cameras such as GigEVision, IP ONVIF Cameras, USB, FW1394, CameraLink, HD-SDI, CoaXPress and 10 Gige.

  • Record anywhere from 30 fps to 8000 fps at resolutions varying from 640 x 480 up to 4k x 4k.
  • Long time recording.
  • Turnkey systems are available for airborne, laboratory or field applications.
  • TroublePix is a trouble shooting digital video recording software for looping, prepost triggering ideal for factory applications.
  • StreamPix Remote is an IP application that allows the control and transfer of images from Streampix 5 from a remote computer.
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