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Model Number: ProcFG

By: GiDEL Ltd.

The ProcFG™ is a programmable image acquisition and processing system, based on GiDEL’s powerful FPGA Proc™ boards. It provides a flexible acquisition path allowing adding processing functions designed by the user or based on GiDEL’s Image Processing Library (GIL), or alternatively, interfacing with third-party imaging libraries.

Selective choice of a GiDEL FPGA Proc Board (PCIe up to x8 gen 3) and GiDEL daughterboards combined with open source FPGA code provides tremendous flexibility for system integration and for achieving desired system performance.

GiDEL's ProcFG combines high-speed acquisition, powerful FPGA processing with selective on-the-fly ROI offloading for convenient processing on standard PC. The ProcFG may capture all incoming image data or dynamically target and extract ROIs based on real-time FPGA analysis of the incoming data.

GiDEL's ProcFG supports acquisition from both Line and Area Scan cameras. Line camera’s image strip is partitioned into frames that may be overlapped. Frame overlapping enables localized filtering to process each pixel using neighboring pixels within its own frame.

In addition, the frames may be captured according to reference or global coordinates enabling alignment between captured image and, for example, reference image even when image shift, stretching and/or rotation exist.

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