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High Speed Raw Color GigE Camera
Model Number: XCG-5005CR

By: Sony Visual Imaging Solutions

Sony introduces a new high speed, raw color GigE Vision camera model – the XCG-5005CR Featuring Full Progressive Scan, Complementary Color Mosaic Color Filter, and High Sensitivity, the new XCG-5005CR high speed GigE camera is ideal for Machine Vision and Industrial applications.

The new XCG-5005CR camera uses a CCD with a color mask (commonly called a "Bayer filter") and output the raw color pixel values in 8, 10 or 12 bit to be converted to a color image on a computer. The XCG-5005CR incorporates a 2/3-type progressive scan IT CCD image sensor, boasting approximately 5 million effective pixels for exceptional picture quality, at 15 fps. Other features, such as Partial Scan Readout and Bulk/Sequential Trigger modes make this new High Speed GigE camera ideally suited for machine vision applications

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