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CLISBee-S 8K 320MHz CMOS Line Scan Camera
Model Number: XCM8040SAT8

By: NED (Nippon Electro-Sensory Devices Corporation)

The CLISBee-S Series of high speed CMOS Line Scan Cameras range from 2K to 8K models (higher resolutions planned).

Built with NED's in-house developed CMOS sensors, these cameras have high sensitivity, low noise and a range of intelligent processing functions to simplify the role of the frame grabber board.

Main Features: - Wide Dynamic Range - High Speed Readouts (up to 320MHz) - Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio - Flat Field / Shading Correction - Exposure Control - Easily Adjusted Gain/Offset - 8 bit / 10 bit Output - Low Heat Generation & Power Consumption

Demo models available, please contact us for more information.

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