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Mini Camera Link - Right Angle
Model Number: MCLCP*-xx-P & MCLCP*-xx-M

By: Intercon 1 - A Division of Nortech Systems, Inc.

Product Outline

Mini Camera Link offers a smaller interface without sacrificing the performance and quality that Intercon 1 brings to Camera Link products. This assembly offers a unique right angle overmold that provides durable functionality in tight space constrictions. The overmold also features thumbscrew interlocking for dependable mating even through motion and vibration. Because both standard and Mini Camera Link interface with the same pin configuration, cables are available that convert Mini to Standard. This enables the use of a Camera Link system that fits your specific needs. Both Mini and Standard Camera Link products are available with right angles.

Main Product Specifications/Features

  • 1 million + flex life design
  • Overmolded connectors
  • Robust jacket capable of outdoor use
  • Thumbscrew locking
  • 360 degree shielding
  • RoHS Compliant

Cable Specifications

  • Overall Diameter: .270 Inches
  • Max Temperature: 80 Degrees C
  • Jacket Color: Black
  • UL/CSA Rated: Yes
  • Min. Bend Radius: 2.70 Inches
  • Flame Rating: vw-1 / FT-1

Primary Components

  • Cable: 11 Individually Shielded Twisted Pairs
  • Connector A: 26 Pos SDR (HDR)
  • Connector B: 26 Pos MDR or SDR (HDR)

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