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Inspector I40 Vision Sensor

By: SICK, Inc.

The new Inspector I40 FLEX Vision Sensor incorporates the strong features of the Inspector I10 and I20 FLEX into an easy-to-use sensor package with an even higher resolution and faster speed. As part of the Inspector FLEX line, the I40 adds even more flexibility and power to the Inspector family. With a VGA (video graphics array) resolution of 640 x 480, the I40 outputs nearly twice as many pixels as the I20, providing even better image quality. This powerful sensor is the only vision sensor on the market to provide Ethernet IP connectivity. And, the I40’s offline storage capabilities give users unlimited storage space to track and trace inspections. The Inspector family includes innovative technology from SICK that enables these sensors to keep up with the speed of nearly any production line. And, no matter what angle or orientation your product comes down the line, the Inspector is up to the challenge – verifying completeness and quality.

• High-speed part inspection in VGA resolution • Robust pattern match algorithm to locate part independent of position, rotation and scale • Powerful part inspection tool set with pattern inspection • 32 reference objects • Unlimited image storing to FTP • PLC communication control using Ethernet/IP • High flexibility through large selection of accessories • Easy PC configuration and support for post-analysis in emulator

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