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Inspector I20 Vision Sensor

By: SICK, Inc.

The I20 FLEX is housed in the same easy-to-use sensor package as the existing Inspector I10 and includes enhancements such as an interchangeable lens and an I/O extension module with up to 16 outputs. The I20 features 4.3 mm, 6mm (included with device), 10 mm and 16 mm interchangeable lenses for more field-of-view options. This added flexibility gives users the ability to quickly adjust the lens based on the type of application. In addition, the Inspector features an extended I/O module that provides a total of 19 outputs. This I/O extension, along with the Inspector’s ability to logically combine detailed inspection tools, allows for more accurate verification on pass/fail inspections.

• High-speed part inspection?Robust pattern match algorithm to locate part independent of position, rotation and scale • Unique, even dome illumination or high- power white or UV ring light • Easy-to-use step configuration in PC, including emulator • Log, statistics and record • Exchangeable lens • Input and output extensions via I/O box • Configurable outputs by logical expression

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